Our Team



Nick Fong graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from the University of Nottingham, UK and previously completed his Part 1 at the University of Melbourne, Australia. When he crossed path with Alex Lee, he did not hesitate to establish Nu Infinity back in 2008 and never looked back since.

Specific amongst many of his design interest is the notion of Space. He believes that the holistic combination of clever planning, interesting spatial strategies, strong aesthetic sensitivities, meticulous detailing and a rigorous care is essential in creating human spaces of character and identity.


Alex Lee graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design from Malaysia Institute of Arts and started pursuing his career as an Interior Designer at the age of 21. In the year 2008, he crossed path with Nick Fong and founded Nu Infinity.

In years of practising in the design industry, he has always work out of his comfort zone and question the conventional. He lives by a principle which he calls ‘Altering the Ego of Practicality’. The design identity which he practices and inspires others to follow is essential to the concept of thinking out of the norm. Always passionate and craving for more challenges, he gives his best in setting a higher bar for his design team to pursue with infinite possibilities.


Leslie Cheng begun his journey into the interior design industry in 2000. He joined the partnership in 2009 and dedicated his entire energy towards valuation, technical supports and project management.

Leslie Cheng’s main responsibilities are to explore and innovate; push the threshold of interior construction methods and detailing in order to add value to our design ideas for our customers. This remains the utmost reason why he enjoys to continue striving in this industry.


Nu Infinity’s design process, which emphasizes research, experimentation, and collaboration inside and outside of traditional design fields, has resulted in a diverse, award-winning body of work. We are governed by core values which shape our culture. We value teamwork, innovation, commitment to design excellence, respect for our people, community and clients.

Our success is due to the talented architects, interior designers, administrators and builders working as an efficient team. We capitalize on the diversity of character and talent that our team brings to the studio. The collective potential of the talented and committed individuals who work with Nu Infinity is the firm’s greatest asset.