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Project : Magnificent 7

Location : Selangor

Year of completion : 2015

Total makeover project - from massive extensions on all three sides to properly planned out built-ins to fulfill the Client's brief. An example of how extensions can be properly planned out to not just be merely "extensions" but rather extensions of ideas from inside out.


Exploring unconventional building materials and applying it into this project was exciting. Changing conventional staircase railings into steel cable rods that rains down from the ceiling of the first floor all the way down to the ground floor. When the natural lighting showers down through the ceiling skylights, the steel rods highlight a different dimension to the stairwell void.


The beauty of this project is how we played and allowed shadows and natural lightings to give character to the spaces. Imagine sitting in the dining area during the day and having dinner at the dining in the evening, the shadows that penetrates into the space changes at different times of the day. This gives an ever-changing identity to the space.

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