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Project : IJM Seremban 2 Rimbun Vista 24x80 Show Unit

Location : Seremban 2

Year of completion : 2015

Given the generous width of the house, we created a defined Entrance Foyer with its classy wood finish extended visually towards the TV cabinet at the Living Area - one uninterrupted featured design. Then the space opens up with its large open space at the Dining Area and once again, this is due to the idea to unify the dining table with the island. On the upper floor, the large Master Bedroom is accentuated by a high and more overall prominent bedhead design yet keeping the colours light and easy to keep the spaciousness feel of the room. Kid's Bedroom comprises of a non-conventional idea of having a Alice in Wonderland theme mushroom bed as a feature and swing-like shelves along the wall.

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