Nu Infinity

Nu Infinity stemmed from passions and struggles instilled within three completely individual atoms whose dreams are not bound by just inventing and introducing well-rounded designs but also to alter the ego of the design industry. We believe in projecting and receiving vibes to and from our Clients, which would then be turned into bursting energy in our works.


Nu Infinity provides an avant-garde approach to the designing process – conceptual approach, practicality, serviceability and visionary. We are driven by the constant urge to engage challenges beyond our logical beliefs with the objective of pushing the comfort zones our society sits in. Being one of the top Malaysian Interior Design firm, we strive to introduce and push our versatility in style and design ideas through competitive pitching for both regional and international projects.

Our Team and Capabilities

With a strong team of 15 staffs, we have the resources to tackle and manage a large pool of projects at any one time. We set a target to complete 30 projects of all magnitudes in a year. This figure also implies that we are running around 50 projects at any one time throughout the year.


With this resources, we will have constant flow of fresh ideas and the abilities to tackle problems effectively and collectively.


Nu Infinity has a strong presence in the market through the followings:-


Large pool of completed jobs

All worthy of being featured – we appear consistently (monthly) in local magazines. This gives strong confidence and assurance to the public.

- iN Design, Designer Concept


Solid professional relationship and PR

We keep a solid professional relationship and PR with all local publishing companies, newspaper editors and related organizations. We have a solid presence when they feature us in articles – giving an even better endorsement to our brand. - The Edge, The Star, Sin Chew


Featured works

Our works are picked specially to be featured beyond our borders in the world wide web.

- designmilk, CAANdesign, HomeDSGN, Home Adore, DOMinterior


Interview invitations

We are invited to TV Shows, Live TV Interviews and Radio Interviews. - NTV 7 “Living Delights”, Astro Wah Lai Toi “ID Show”, Radio Interview with Chui Ling


Experiences sharing

We are invited to give public talks, school sharings and graduation ceremonies. - Star Property fairs, The One Academy, First City University


Our Forte

Galleries & Show Units

We have worked with established and reputable property developers and builders to realise the perfect design for show units, sales galleries and communal spaces within large establishments.


We have engaged with numerous nature of retail businesses - both big and small with a range of design requirements.


Over 300 projects completed in  7 years. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of residential designs


We are ever adaptable to the ever-changing style required to design and handle commercial offices & work spaces.

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